Why You Should Never Delete A TikTok Video

Why you should never delete a tiktok video

POV: You’ve just spent 45-minutes on the perfect TikTok. Your lighting? Perfect. Transitions? On-point. Captions done and edited, text added to the screen, hashtags, caption, you did everything right.

Then, you press the big red button… and it’s live!

You check it in a few hours’ time and….

It flopped.

300 views. Lame.

What do you do now? You know it was good content, but it just didn’t resonate with your followers and those scrolling the FYP.

Whatever you do, don’t reach towards the delete button!

Here’s why.

Why You should never delete a tiktok video

TikTok Videos Experience delayed explosion

Not all viral TikTok videos go viral within hours of being posted. The TikTok algorithm is a strange entity, it does what it wants. Wait at least a week before you write your efforts off as a failure.

Some videos just need some extra time to reach the right people.

TikTok notices deleted videos

If you’re the type of user who is fickle over your content by frequently posting then deleting videos, TikTok could start to penalise you with the algorithm by gradually showing your videos to fewer people.

The same goes with making videos private on a regular basis. You should demonstrate that you’re serious about creating content by keeping all your videos live – especially if they deliver value or entertainment.

Profile Lurkers Watch Your Videos

Don’t forget about profile lurkers – people can and will click onto your profile to look at your other videos, so make sure there’s a good range of videos there for them.

Not all your content is visible only on the FYP – you have followers and lurkers to think about too.

What to do instead of deleting your videos

Remake it

If your video didn’t perform as well as you’d expected, try to remake it with a different sound, different outfit, different setting or presenting the same information in a different format.

Analyze your video hook

On TikTok, your hook is everything. Viewers on TikTok are presented with a constant stream of new information, so you have to hook people in the first 1-3 seconds so they don’t scroll on.

Perhaps your hook wasn’t captivating, descriptive or snappy, so when you remake your video – try it with a different hook.

Consider your movement

On TikTok, the constant scroll can be broken up by creators who add a lot of movement in their videos. This can be as simple as walking around with your phone instead of being stationery.

Transitions are also excellent for maintaining visual engagement, but they can be tricky if you’re not confident enough or if you’re unfamiliar with how to edit videos within the TikTok app.

Small things like stepping into the frame at the start of the video also make a difference, as does adding bright and bold text to the screen

Repost it 3 months later

Download your TikTok and save it to your phone (without the watermark if you can). Then keep it in a folder called ‘content bank’ ready to re-post again in 3 months.

No one will remember your original video and it may even perform better the second time around.

Keep being consistent

Just keep posting. Who cares about one video with low views? Keep creating content that your audience enjoys and that serves them well.

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