Become a digital business superstar

Learn truly in-demand digital skills that will make a real difference to your online reach.

Courses for individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

This isn’t the same old generic digital marketing advice. This is the real deal. Every course on Digital Rebel Academy was developed by a successful content creator who grew multiple online businesses from scratch.

Learn WordPress. Like, Properly.

Over 40% of websites on the internet are built using WordPress.

If you’re building WordPress websites for yourself or clients, you need to be aware of security, maintenance, and so many other things that most web designers miss.

Look no further – you’ve just found the holy grail of complete WordPress courses. It’s suitable for all skill levels.

You can finally kiss goodbye to hours of endless Googling for outdated tutorials written in total jargon.

How anyone can make passive online income

We live in a time period where it’s possible to turn any hobby, interest or idea into an international business overnight.

You definitely don’t need to be computer scientist or marketing guru to even get started. When you have systems in place, these businesses can run themselves with little input from you.

These opportunities belong to you. Turn your passion into a business today.

Let me show you how I built multiple long-term income streams from my laptop.

Become a TikTok Superstar

Did you know that TikTok is the most visited website in the world? It actually gets more traffic than Google now!

TikTok is no longer just for dancing teenagers – the business opportunities for reach, visibility and growth are huge.

If there’s one app you need in your marketing strategy right now – it’s TikTok.

People are earning big bucks on TikTok. And I don’t mean getting paid pennies in the creator’s fund.

This is a real personal branding and growth opportunity. TikTok could be the boost that your brand needs right now.

Modern Digital Skills that actually help your online growth – or your money back!

It’s sometimes hard to know whether digital products and/or online courses are right for you. Every course and product on Digital Rebel Academy has a 14 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Meet the Founder

Digital Rebel Academy was founded by Sarah Tamsin, a web developer and content creator from Cardiff, Wales.

Sarah started her web design and development journey back in 1998. She taught herself how to code as a teenager.

She went from making social media and blog layouts for classmates in 2005, to teaching her senior colleagues HTML+CSS in 2011 and then selling her services as a freelance web developer since 2017.

As a freelancer, Sarah has built over 75 websites for local, national and international clients. She has also performed hundreds of ad-hoc one-time fixes, saving countless hours of troubleshooting for website owners.

Sarah also runs multiple other online enterprises, most of which are automated businesses that run on autopilot, earning passive income on a daily basis.

Sarah founded Digital Rebel Academy to share all of the advanced concepts, skills and knowledge she has learned during the last 24 years with as many people as possible – people just like you!.

Digital Partners & Affiliates

Blogging for lead generation

Businesses can benefit from having a blog.

Blogs can drive organic traffic to your website, generate leads, increase sales/conversions and even form a separate income stream for your business.

Pinteresting tactics for businesses

Pinterest – it’s so much more than pretty pictures. Pinterest is a powerful search engine with hundreds of millions of monthly active users.

Learn how to use Pinterest to actively drive traffic to your blog, store or business website.

WordPress Maintenance & Security

If you don’t need a fully-featured WordPress training course but you just want to fill in the gaps in your knowledge when it comes to best practices in security and maintenance – this is for you!

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Weekly live streams, 24/7 Q&A support – all completely free and open to all!

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