TikTok Allow 10-Minute Video Uploads

TikTok allow 10-minute uploads

On March 1st 2022, millions of TikTok users around the world opened the app to find a message stating that 10 minute videos will now be allowed on the platform.

The limit was currently 3 minutes, which increased from 60 seconds in 2021.

The ability to create 10 minute long videos is currently not available within the app itself, but you can upload videos of up-to 10 minutes.

This will likely mean that TikTok will start adding mid-roll ads in longer-form videos. Longer videos have been reportedly performing better in recent months, as it seems TikTok are moving towards longer, more value-based content in general.

What are your thoughts?

Are you a TikToker? Have you uploaded any 10-minute long videos yet? What was the response from your audience?

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